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Killer Categories: The Lust Killer
The lust killer, or erotophonophiliac, is one whose sexual arousal or gratification is contingent on the death of a human being.

Lust killers are a sub-group of hedonistic killers – those who kill for fun or profit. Somewhere along the line the lust killer has made a connection between murder and sexual gratification and these acts are his idea of ‘fun’.

Wiki tells us that this type of crime is "manifested either by murder during sexual intercourse and/or by mutilating the sexual organs or areas of the victim's body. lust murders can include activities such as removing clothing from the body, posing and propping of the body in different positions (generally sexual ones), insertion of objects into bodily orifices, anthropophagi (the consumption of human blood and/or flesh) and necrophilia (the performing of sex acts on a human corpse)."

The lust killer will usually be attracted to an ideal victim type and his satisfaction depends on the amount of torture and mutilation he can inflict on his victims. His fantasies about this victim type will drive his actions, but he is rarely fulfilled as a result of his crimes. His satisfaction depends on the amount of torture and mutilation he can inflict on his victim and with each crime the fantasies become more and more extreme, creating a repetitive cycle.

Lust killers tend to go through four phases.

* Fantasy: This is when the desire to kill manifests, often with the use of pornographic material. In this phase the killer may act out the crime over and over in his mind. This can last any amount of time, even years, before they are suddenly thrown into phase 2 and the fantasy starts to become a reality.

* The Hunt: It may be possible that during his hunt the killer has a very clear image of the “right” victim. Or he may favour certain locations such as woodlands or streets. Like the fantasy stage the hunt may take months or even years, and may even cover many hundreds of miles. The killer, after he has found his victim, may stalk them for a long time, memorizing their every move.

* The Kill: For the lust killer this is a very personal act. It is his only motivation. The lust killer would take considerable care to lure the victim into a place of apparent safety. Once alone with the victim the lust killer can make his fantasy real. A certain amount of overkill is often seen in this type of murder. Also seen is extreme torture, mutilation, even dismemberment. Necrophilia, blood drinking, and cannibalism are characteristic. This is the lust killers moment of ecstasy, and therefore many seek to preserve as much as they can by various means.

* The Post Kill Phase: For many serial killers the passing of the experience of the murder often leaves them feeling empty and depressed. Many often realize that their physiological torment was not relieved on a perminant basis. The Killer knows he will be forced to take more lives to get some temporary relief. It is during this phase that the killer will – if he is so inclined, write confessions to the police and newspapers. Unless the killer has been caught at this stage, it is inevitable that he will kill again.

Both organized and disorganized killers can fall under the lust killer umbrella. Examples of organised lust killers include ted Bundy, John Gacy, Kenneth Bianchi and Ed Kemper. Examples of disorganized lust killers include Arthur Shawcross, Richard Chase, Jeffrey Dahmer and Danny Rolling.
note: both Bundy and Kemper can also be defined as ‘power seekers’ – those who kill to exert power over strangers.

The following characteristics are common among lust killers

highly intelligent
high birth-order status
masculine image
socially capable
occupationally mobile
lives with partner
geographically mobile
experienced harsh discipline
controlled emotions during crime
high interest in media response to crime
model inmate

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